The Basics of Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

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The Basics of Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

December 18, 2016

Kitchen cabinets are easily one of the most forgotten parts of your routine house cleaning. Even though we use them every single day. Grabbing dishes. Putting dishes away. Storing things to clear off the countertops. It's easy to forget about them. They blend right into the walls and you almost forget that they're collecting dust and getting dirty because you never really take the time to look inside your kitchen cabinets. If you cook often you'll notice oils, sauce and grease splattered around the outside of them. If you look in your seasoning cabinet I'm sure you'll find some salt or pepper scattered around. Keep reading and we'll show you the basics of kitchen cabinet cleaning.

Routine Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

Routine cleanings will be one of the most effective ways to keep your kitchen cabinets clean. If you've got the time to wipe them down regularly and care for them the way they deserve, then go for it. If you're cleaning them yourself I'd recommend taking a warm, wet cloth and wiping them down after you cook to make sure you get the oil and grease off of them. You can wipe off the fingerprints left behind too. If you've got glass cabinets you'll want to use glass cleaner like Windex and a microfiber cloth.

I would also suggest taking everything out of the cabinets once a week or every two weeks and wiping down the inside of the cabinets with a wet paper towel or even vacuuming them out if you can. Often times dust and dirt will settle in and the longer it sits the harder it is to clean!

Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets Once a Year or Every Few Months

If your kitchen cabinets stay pretty most of the time then you may be able to only clean them once every few months or even once a year. If you choose this path, you'll want to dedicate a couple of hours to emptying them out, wiping down the inside, and really paying attention to the exterior of the cabinets. Over the year they may not look dirty, but the grease from cooking will surely build up and make it a little more difficult to wipe down. Use an all-purpose cleaner on the outsides that is safe for use on wood or whatever your cabinets are made of.

Hire a Professional House Cleaning Service

This is by far the easiest solution to cleaning your kitchen cabinets. It saves you time by not having to do the work and you can make sure it's done right. With our house cleaning services we offer kitchen cabinet cleanings as an add on to your routine maid services. If you trust your housekeeping service, let them take care of the cabinets every once in a while.

Whether you decide to clean your kitchen cabinets yourself, periodically or hire a professional house cleaning service, make sure you don't neglect them. Give them some extra loving and attention to keep them clean and fresh all year round. Our friends at Taylor Maid TX provide cleaning service McKinney, TX and pay extra attention to cleaning your kitchen cabinets. Hopefully these tips help you out and keep your cabinets a little nicer and less dirty!

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