How to Clean Mildew From Shower Curtains

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How to Clean Mildew From Shower Curtains

January 16, 2017

Mildew on the shower curtain is the last thing anyone wants to see in their bathroom. The worst part is that mildew loves the hot and humid climate in the bathroom. It grows and thrives in those conditions.

But, with proper care and attention you can get rid of that nasty mildew and keep your shower curtains clean at last. The last thing you want to do is let it grow our of control and become a hazard to your health.

How to Clean Mildew from Plastic Shower Curtains

You can go out and buy mildew-resistant plastic shower curtains. There are bunch of them around. While those claims seem promising, you should still be prepared to deal with mildew every once and a while. Here are some of the steps you can take to clean mildew from your plastic shower curtain:

  1. Remove your shower curtain and fill your tub with warm water.
  2. Add a little bleach to the warm water and soak your shower curtain in this mixture.
  3. After your shower curtain has soaked for a while, run it through your washing machine on the rinse cycle. Be sure to use warm water, not hot water.
  4. While the curtain is washing, rinse the bleach from your tub with warm water.
  5. After the rinse cycle is finished, hang your shower curtain on the shower curtain rod.

How to Clean Mildew from Cloth Shower Curtains

As with plastic shower curtains, many cloth shower curtains claim to be mildew resistant. Again, take these claims with a grain of salt. Mildew has a way of sneaking up on you. When it does you can do the following:

  1. Pretreat any noticeably mildewed spots with a stain remover. Follow the instructions on the stain remover package.
  2. Check the tag on your shower curtain to see what material it's made from. Wash it according to the cleaning instructions for that fabric. If it's lined in plastic, don't use hot water!
  3. After the curtain has been washed you can place it in the dryer on low heat. If it's lined in plastic you should air dry the curtain.
  4. If you have a separate plastic shower curtain liner, you can treat it for mildew using the instructions above on cleaning plastic shower curtains.
  5. How Often Should I Treat Shower Curtains for Mildew?

    To keep mildew from taking over your shower curtains you should aim to clean them every one to three months. Cleaning them monthly would be ideal but we know that can be difficult at times if you don't have the time. If you live in hot and humid climates however, you should try your best to stick to the monthly cleanings.

    Hopefully these tips help you out a bit with cleaning mildew from your shower curtains. As long as you stay on top of it you should be good to go! If you ever want to book a house cleaning check out our home page for more information!

    I also want to thank our friends over at Deluxe Maid for helping us come up with some of these mildew cleaning tips for you to use around the home. They’ve done a lot of great work and cleanings in the Indianapolis area so if you’re in the area or know someone, give them a shout.

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